Personalized fluid hydration to help Boulder
Detox, Perform, Recover, Shine, Burn Fat, Boost Immunity

The nutrients you need to feel great and perform your best

The human body performs and feels its best when hydrated and nourished. At Premier Heath, we use IV nutrient therapy to help Colorado residents and visitors to look, feel, perform their best.

Personalized therapy that rejuvenates and enhances

Our licensed medical practitioners will recommend a personalized therapy to based on your goals and how you feel.


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Select a time and place for your appointment, either at our clinic or in your residence.


Select Your Drip

Work with your medical staff to choose your bag and boosters based on your goals and how you’re feeling.


Quick Medical Consult

Hop on a video chat with a Premier Health physician to make sure you are healthy for IV therapy and order any prescription boosters.


Relax & Enjoy

Sit back and enjoy the soothing environment we’ve created at the Premier Health clinic.

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Jayme L.
Jayme L.
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Such a great experience from the entire staff - we came for a hangover and left feeling so much better! Very knowledgeable, friendly and gave us so much info in a super cozy environment -- went for a hike after!
Kristin J.
Kristin J.
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My husband and I stopped into Fluid and were immediately impressed with the cleanliness and posh decor. Stacy was professional and informative about the services that fluid had to offer. I got a calm injection, iv hydration, biotin and b vitamins. I felt refreshed after and will definitely be back. Thanks so much for your services!
Kyla R.
Kyla R.
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Stacy is just a good person and truly cares about the people that come into her practice. I called because my husband was really sick with the flu and needed hydration. The receptionist mareina I'm probably spelling her name wrong- but she was SO helpful and informative since we've never doing this before- she helped us thru the whole process. I wasn't even feeling bad but decided to get a b12 shot (and I definitely recommend that to all you vegans and vegetarians! ) thanks to Stacy's knowledge and passion for what she does z she explained how important that vitamin is for vegans and how a multi vitamin just won't do the trick.We both left feeling amazing and today we feel even better thank you Stacy and mareina!
Erin P.
Erin P.
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What a wonderful clinic!! The staff was incredibly helpful and kind, great experience all around!! I will without a doubt go back for more treatments!
Katie M.
Katie M.
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This place was a lifesaver for me when I had a nasty hangover. The nurse got me in right away and helped me with what kind of hydration was right for me. The iv was quick and painless. The environment was warm and inviting with very comfortable chairs. I definitely recommend this place
Ronald V.
Ronald V.
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I am a frequent at another iv spot in Boulder but decided to give Premier Health a try today. They seem to have the process down really well for being new. I also really liked their environment. I can't wait to go back!!!!
Del K.
Del K.
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Relaxing, positive experience staff was wonderful and amazing definitely reccomend it. Stacy takes time to educate you about the products makes sure your comfortable. It's a very clean, warm pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommend it

In your room,
or at our clinic

Visit at our clinic in downtown Boulder, or we can come to your hotel, dorm, or home. Your comfort and safety are our priority.

Prescription boosters for maximum recovery

Premier Health offers prescription boosters like Zofran and Toradol to get you back on your feet. Premier Health is 100% compliant with Colorado State law, and has zero medical board reprimands.

Medical-grade drips to help with addiction and withdrawal

Compelling research has shown that supplementing with NAD+ may help you withdraw from addictive substances safely.

A team with medical experience you can trust

Premier Health was founded by physicians and nurses who have seen the transformative benefits of IV hydration in hospitals for decades.


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